IMG_1083 is Jesper Centio Jønssons little spare time project

Based out of Horsens (Denmark) I’m a Photographer ‘under construction’ – meaning, that I’m working hard and curios on developing my skills, so that I’ll be able to  realize the ideas I come up with – and also of cause, be able to execute on others ideas and wishes.

I’ve been taking photos ‘all my life’ but end 2013 I really started to focus on going from ‘taking’ to ‘making’ photos, which have given me a sound hobby, that can keep me from spending all my spare time on my daytime job as Business Development Director for the Nordic/Baltic region at Arrow Enterprise Solutions.

You can also find me on Facebook and 500px

Please have a look around, her at ‘my place’. I hope you like what you see.


Best regards

Jesper Centio Jønsson